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CZ-USA new 712 G3 Shotgun

CZ-USA Shotgun Product Manager and Pro Shooter David Miller at the range with the 712 G3.

The CZ 712 semi auto shotgun has been around for several years and has earned the reputation of a proven performer. I collected a 712 Target Model several years ago was impressed with it as a soft shooter. Gun companies will often do small changes on next generation offerings but in truth CZ-USA rebuilt the 712 from the ground up for the G3 model. The major change for this shotgun is the gas system was extensively modified. The new 712 G3 draws a greater amount of gas when the shell is fired, resulting in the gun being capable of firing lighter loads. The new 712 gas system also incorporates the use of two pistons, one for heavy loads like waterfowl and turkey shells, and another for light game and target loads. Oversize controls on the receiver, shims for adjusting the stock to fit the shooter, and a softer butt pad are also new for this shotgun. Another feature on this gun is the barrel is over bored, (.735) and is furnished with a set of 5 long Active-Choke system chokes. The CZ 712 G3’s receiver and barrel wear a durable matte black finish that minimizes glare and can be paired with either black synthetic, camo, or walnut stocks. The 712 G3 weighs approximately 6 ½ to 7 ¼ pounds, depending on stock material and barrel length. This is a lot of shotgun for the MSRP of $579.00