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CZ-USA Shotgun Product Manager and Pro Shooter David Miller talks about the new the CZ Model 1012

CZ-USA 1012 Shotgun. Brand new for CZ is a semi-auto shotgun that is not gas operated. This is an inertia powered shotgun, the first one for CZ. Gas powered (shotguns that use the gases expelled by the fired shell) can sometimes be finicky about functioning when they get dirty or in bad conditions. Inertia powered guns basically use the force of the recoil, stored in a spring, to extract the fired shell and load a new round. CZ-USA put the 1012 to the test and fired over 5,000 rounds without any cleaning or lubrication. Also the 1012 will eat anything you put in it from light 2 ¾” loads to the 3” Magnum boomers. Two cool finishes in gray and bronze are available as well as a full camo model. Suggested retail $659.00