Federal TSS shot shell and Stevens 301 Turkey Shotgun


Steven has hit a home run with the 301 Turkey Shotgun in .410 bore. (remember sports fans that .410 is a caliber size, not a gauge as with most shotguns) As noted before, there is a trend for sub gauge shotguns to shoot TSS loads for turkeys. Smaller gauges, less recoil, lighter to carry, for young shooters and some of us that us don’t want to tote the big boomers anymore. The 301 Turkey is meant for this work, with single barrel shotgun simplicity and safety, Mossy Oak Bottomland or Obsession camo, and a super cool screw in full choke which will swap out with other chokes when you want to change the pattern. The $199.00 retail price won’t hurt a bit. www.savagearms.com




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