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Gear The Tactical Shooter Can’t Live Without


  • MATCHSAVERZ TACTICLE SHELL HOLDER. Why is it that the simple things are the best? Well, they just are. Simple ideas that work leave us scratching our head and saying “Why didn’t I think of that?” Nothing could be simpler than a holder for one shell that mounts on the side of the shotguns receiver or forearm. If you have never competed in a 3Gun match and found yourself wanting for ammo, you may not be able to appreciate the genius of this little lifesaver. The MATCHSAVERZ is already being praised by 3Gun champions who report they can load the extra shell in less than one second. This item definitely has law enforcement applications as having one round available in a split second could very well save an officers life. MATCHSAVERZ slogan says it all, “Keep it hot with one more shot!” MSRP $24.95

(Matchsaverz picture)


  • TACCOM “THE DEUCE” SHELL CADDY. The pace in the 3Gun gear world is about as frantic as that of a Pro/Am match. Blink your eyes a few times and something new is on the stage. You really wouldn’t think that something as simple as a shell carrier could have so many variations, but they do. Taccom’s “The Deuce” carrier is a solid design that has been out there long enough to stand the scrutiny of 3Gun shooters (they show no mercy) and gain a loyal following. This carrier will hold 8-12 shells and is designed for “2 up” loading. The shotgun shells can ride almost horizontal on the belt and the shooter can pull a pair of shells upward and keep the elbow tight to the body (all important to the 3Gun shooter). Compatible with TecLok or ELS mounting systems. MSRP $44.95

(Taccom the Deuce picture)


  • NORDIC COMPONETS MXT EXTENSION TUBE COUPLER PLUS EXTENSION. Ammunition supply is like many things in life, more is always better. In the shotgun world if you are going to exceed the supply of ammo in the magazine the gun was made with, magazine extensions are needed. Nordic Components makes a lot of magazine extensions and they make some good ones. What this item does is allow you to put an extension on to the extension you already have on the gun. This is handy for two reasons, you increase the load capacity of the shotgun and you have an extension that will easily disassemble and come off of the gun. Some extensions do not come off so easy and this makes it impossible put the shotgun in a gun case. MSRP $48.95


  • OTIS TECHNOLOGY 3GUN COMPETITION CLEANING KIT. We all like to shoot. We all like to make the guns go bang. Eventually however if we do not clean said guns they will not go bang anymore. I don’t think anybody really likes to clean guns, but if we have the right tools in a cleaning kit it makes the job much easier. Otis Technology’s Breech to Muzzle Cleaning System is known as one of the most advanced gun cleaning systems in the world and has been around since 1985. With the Otis’s patented Memory Flex Rod the patch forms a tight seal on rifle barrels and the dirt and fouling is pulled out the muzzle, not forced back through the breech and action, as with conventional cleaning rods. On shotgun barrels Otis’s patch savers force the cleaning patch outward to cover the entire inside surface of the barrel, cleaning the chamber, forcing cone, bore and choke. All this without disassembling the gun. This kit has everything you need to clean pistol, rifle and shotgun. MSRP $69.95


  • CHAMPION ELECTRONIC EAR MUFFS. Acquiring hearing protection for the range has almost become like buying a car. You can spend as little or as much as you like. The gamut runs from expensive electronic inserts molded especially for your ears to the foam plugs we all jam in our ears and hope for the best. One of the issues about hearing protection in a 3Gun or other match settings is that sometimes we need to hear what is going on, start signals, stage descriptions, safety briefings and the like, but we also need protection from the bang bang. Champion Electronic ear muffs fill the bill and at a price you will like. These muffs run on AAA batteries, not some hearing aid type battery that you can’t find when you need it. You will hear the things you need to and you will not hear the things that you don’t. MSRP $40.95