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I Started Writing For Bristol Herald Courier

Howdy Bristol, Welcome to  Guns and Cornbread!

I think it’s best to just be honest from the start. When I got the call from an editor of this newspaper about the possibility of including my sometimes hazy outdoor ramblings in the Bristol Herald Courier, well, let’s just say I was pleased. (I was gonna say I was about as happy as a pig in slop, but I didn’t think that would be appropriate for a first column)

I am a fan of both Virginia and Tennessee and have visited your fair city. Although my column is now going to some papers over a wide area now, I see your area as smack dab in the middle of who I am and where I came from, the southern Appalachians. I know just a little about Bristol and your area, but you don’t know me from a lump of coal, maybe a little introduction is in order.

I started on this writing trail five years ago after spending 36 years in the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources. Like many of you I have been a hunter and fisherman and shooter for most of my life. I have tried my hand at trapping, varmint and deer hunting, turkey and grouse hunting, trap and skeet shooting and somewhere back in the mists of time I was a river guide. I’m not really sure how many shotguns I have right now, but it is not enough. I have owned beagles, blue tick hounds, Cur dogs and pointers. Once upon a time I was lucky enough to own a couple of really good dogs and have spent more than I would care to admit trying to replace them.

You should know that I see myself as your humble outdoor scribe. One week we may talk about the latest in shotguns out there, and the next we’ll be sitting in a treestand all day or discuss how I messed up three different turkeys in the same day. From the start I wanted this column to be different from any outdoor column you’ve ever read, whether that is good or bad will be up to you to decide.

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