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Let’s talk about boots a little bit. I have said for years that in the hunting and fishing and outdoor realm, you can live and die by your boots. By that I mean this often overlooked part of your gear can make or break whether you have a good trip and experience, and there are times that good boots could save your life or at least keep you from harm.

I maintain that the outdoorsman (that’s boys and girls before somebody goes all sideways on me) needs at least three different kinds of boots for different conditions. One is a lightweight, hiking type boot for most dry conditions and warmer weather, next is a heavier, more rugged, and substantial boot for rocky conditions and possibly for colder temperatures, and if you are going to be in wet and swampy areas you must have a “rubber” type boot. More on the first two boots later, let’s talk about the rubber, knee type boot now.

This type of boot has been popular for several years now and hunters and other outdoorsmen (again, that is girls too) have taken to them with open arms. There are many styles and brands and you could talk about the pros and cons of each until all of the cows come home. I have recently come across the Irish Setter line of rubber-type boots, the Mudtrek boots. There are several different models of these boots, the one I am talking about now is the Snake Boot model.

Here are some of the things I like about these boots. One is a slightly larger leg opening at the top so there is no trouble with tucking jeans and hunting pants into the boot. Next, and this is a biggie, a full-length zipper makes it SO much easier getting the boot on and off. The Mudtrek Snake Boot is not too heavy and as comfortable as any rubber knee boot I have worn. Now, the question you have all been thinking… rubberized knee boots need to be snake-proof? Well, how bad are the snakes where you hunt? If I was in the area of some of the swamps in the south I see you guys (and girls) in, turkey hunting, squirrel, deer, and coon hunting, yes I would have them. Here is another consideration on the snake-proof issue, if they are fang-proof for rattlers and cotton-mouths, they will be for thorns and briers as well…are you with me on that?


We will talk about the other boot types later, and you will get more information on this boot, the Irish Setter Mudtrek Snake Boot below…..have fun out there! (it is supposed to be fun you know)

Irish Setter MudTrek snake boots are the lightest rubber boots in the brand’s history, and they’re among the lightest on the market today. Style # 4866 has a traditional, roomier full fit with a wider leg and ankle openings and a convenient side zipper for easy on/off. This 17” brown vulcanized rubber boot features SnakeGuard which provides resistance to fangs and thorns. Men, women, and young adults can select from unisex whole sizes from 4 – 15.

TempSens technology helps regulate the temperature within the boot to maintain constant foot comfort. In hot conditions, the system reacts so moisture is hyper-wicked away from the foot, facilitating evaporative cooling. This helps keep feet cooler, drier and more comfortable. In colder conditions, the system also pulls moisture from the skin, but traps it to create a thermal barrier that helps maintain a constant, comfortable temperature inside the boot. ScentBan™ antimicrobial scent control helps eliminates odors within the boot. A lightweight RPM midsole provides long-lasting, all-day underfoot comfort. A convenient heel kick aids boot removal. These styles utilize the aggressive Rubber Mudder sole which provides superb stability and traction in tough terrain. The self-cleaning lugs help remove mud and dirt with every step. The vulcanized rubber upper design makes them waterproof and durable.

ScentBan™ antimicrobial scent control helps eliminates odors within the shoe. A removable polyurethane footbed provides long-lasting, all-day underfoot comfort. These styles feature an aggressive rubber outsole which provides superb stability and traction in rough terrain. The self-cleaning lugs help remove mud and dirt with every step. The vulcanized neoprene/rubber upper makes them waterproof and durable.

MudTrek snake boots will be available in January 2021 at leading outdoor retailers, MSRP $229.99. Visit to learn more.