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Linda Powell with Mossberg 500 in .410 bore

Unless you have been living under that proverbial rock as a turkey hunter you know that the latest trend is shooting Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) for hunting turkeys. The properties of TSS allows for the loading of much smaller shot and the option of taking turkeys at greater ranges with smaller gauge guns-like the .410 bore.
Using the sub gauge guns for turkeys has become quite the thing (look for an article from yours truly in the April issue of Petersens Hunting and Mossberg is right on top of it with this new little .410.
Besides having the tried and true action of the time tested Model 500, Mossberg dressed this new addition with possibly the coolest camo pattern all time, Mossy Oak Bottomland.
Got a kid at your house? Got an old turkey that wants to join the ranks of the .410 shooters? Check out the new Mossberg 500 .410.