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Operation Shotgun Recoil Reduction For Gun Digest

I recently did an article for Gun Digest talking about recoil and ways to reduce recoil. Below is an excerpt from the article with a link to the full article:

Bad shotgun habit abounds, nine times out of 10 precipitated by a gun’s recoil.

What are the three ways to reduce a shotgun’s recoil:

  • Increase the weight of the gun.
  • Shoot lighter loads with less velocity.
  • Insert some form of compensation between the gun and your shoulder.

Without a doubt, the greatest foe of our shooting enjoyment is the old demon recoil. Recoil — and the resulting “kick” — is the root of most all evil in our shooting habits, whether we flinch, jerk triggers or stop our gun swing as we try to compensate for getting hammered when the gun goes boom. Recoil is the greatest obstacle of novice and first-time shooters even getting introduced to the sport. Ask any new shooter as they line up to try the shotgun, and the thing they’re universally most worried about is getting kicked. Hard.

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