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Remington 870 DM

Remington 870 DM and Shells

You Heard It Here First

INTRODUCING THE MODEL 870 DM. Designed from the ground up, it’s the only magazine-fed shotgun available with the pedigree of being the world’s strongest, smoothest, and most reliable pump gun. And with 3-, and 6-round mags available, the patent-pending 870 DM is the ultimate choice for a home defense shotgun. After all, home invaders don’t wait for you to fill a magazine tube. LIVE READY with the new 870 DM.

The Fastest Response Time Of Any Pump Shotgun In History

  • All-New, Mag-Fed Receiver
    • Re-engineered from the ground up for the fastest, most reliable pump-shotgun reloading on the planet.
  • Quick-Loading Magazines
    • Comes with both 3- and 6- round magazines, so you can stay in the action and instantly alternate loads
  • Magpul Black Tactical Stock
    • Adjustable length of pull and over-molds deliver controlled handling in any situation.
  • Driven By A Heart of Steel
    • Its legendary Model 870 strength and reliability, perfected for flawless cycling in this all-new magazine-fed platform

Additional Remington 870 DM Photos