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Steelhead Outdoors Gun Safe

Maybe you are one of the hundreds, if not thousands, (millions?) of gun owners that know they need a gun safe but have not pulled the trigger and bought one. How heavy are they? How do I get it into my house? Where can I put it in my home? What if I decide to move after the gun safe is in place? These and many other questions I hear a lot when it comes to gun safes and protecting our valuable firearms. Recently I came across Steelhead Outdoors, a gun safe company with what I think is an innovative idea for this problem.

Steelhead Outdoors is an innovative safe company offering the only modular, fire-insulated Made-in-USA gun safe available quickly on the market. Modular gun safes are easily moved and assembled by two people. Steelhead Outdoors also offers custom-built modular safes to fit any space in the home in a multitude of colors.

Why consider a modular safe? Traditional safes require hiring a specialized safe moving company, which is costly, or enlisting buddies on a dangerous DIY adventure each time the homeowner moves.

“Don’t wait until you have found your ‘forever home’ to invest in proper protection and security for your firearms and valuables,” explained Steelhead Outdoors Co-Founder Corey Meyer.  “My business partner Charlie and I created Steelhead Outdoors to solve the problem of fitting a safe into your lifestyle and home space. Modular safes can also be moved into spaces that a traditional safe cannot. Plus, with Steelhead Outdoors’ custom-designed options, we can literally create your dream safe.”

Check these gun safes out, watch the video below, let me know what you think…..



Modular Gun Safe Introduction – Steelhead Outdoors – YouTube