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‘Legends’ of the fall

Maybe you have noticed this. Lately it seems people are pretty loose with the term “legend.”  I mean, it would appear anybody and everybody can...

Your most important piece of gear isn’t guns, ammo, or camo, it’s your boots.

Think about it. The one piece of gear that most of us don't consider much is really the most important. I'm talking about your...

Hi-Point JXP, economical hand cannon.

By Hunter Elliott  JAN 14, 2023  10mm Hi-Point, 10mm Hi-Point pistol, Hi-Point JXP Save When Hi-Point introduced the 1095 TS 10mm carbine, as reviewed here, I expected, i.e., hoped, a 10mm...

Turkey Hunting is stupid. Part II

Turkey Hunting is Stupid Part II “Honesty it the best policy” Benjamin Franklin I’m a pretty honest guy. I mean, I have a lot of shortcomings,...

Bend some Twigs at JAKES Day.

The little girl was about six years old and cute as the proverbial button. Decked out in a pink T shirt, pink trimmed ball...